There’s never a good time for you roof to start leaking or for tiles to come loose, but there are definitely times where roof restoration issues are worse – a bank holiday weekend when you can’t get hold of a reputable domestic or commercial roof repair company, for example.

While you should always use a certified building restoration contractor to undertake any emergency repairs, there are a few things you can do in the interim while you search for “residential roofing companies near me” on Google – provided you have the correct safety equipment to hand and feel confident enough to get on your roof. Here are just a handful of tips and tricks to consider while you wait for the experts:

1) Cover the affected area

Use a tarpaulin sheet to cover the damaged area of your roof. This way, you can protect and prevent any further damage until your roofing contractor arrives. You should try to pull the tarp down as tightly and smoothly as possible, and nail down the corners if possible. If you don’t want to get onto the exterior of your roof, you could use a tarpaulin in your attic to collect water.

2) Temporarily replace roof tiles

If some of your roof tiles are loose or missing, you can temporarily reattach them until your roofing contractor can attend your property. This won’t be a permanent fix, although it could buy you a little time. You should slide loose tiles back under the bottom edge of the tiles in the row above and nail them down with galvanised nails if possible. When your contractor arrives, they will be able to perform a proper attachment using special roofing cement.

3) Improvise

If you have got missing roof tiles and don’t have tarpaulin to hand, you could potentially improvise with sheet metal or another malleable material until the experts can assess and repair your roof.

4) Wait for the experts

If you are in any way unsure of how to undertake any of these emergency repairs, don’t risk it. Roofing is incredibly dangerous, and you should leave roof repairs to those with the experience and expertise to safely scale your roof using safety equipment. If you’re in need of roof replacement or repairs in the Cambridge area, you can always rely on JHB Contractors to get the job done.