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Roof replacement can be stressful and costly, therefore, you must pick the right roofing contractor.Here at JHB, we provide roof replacement for all buildings, including residential roof installation and commercial roof replacement.

Here are our 10 tips for choosing a contractor.

Is the Contractor Certified?
Always be sure to check the contractor is certified as a building restoration contractor and for emergency repairs.

Get a Quote
Always ask for a quote and a record of this in writing. It’s not always advisable to go for the cheapest option, as this is less sustainable in the long run.

Ask for a Guarantee
Having a guarantee will mean you are covered in case the contractors go out of business. We have a workmanship guarantee, meaning all work is guaranteed for 10 years and carried out with the highest standard.

Discuss the Unforeseeable
Quotes are subject to change, depending on what is revealed under the sub-structure of the roof. Make sure to discuss this.

Be Aware of Safety
Make sure to quiz your contractors on their safety standards, and make sure they are operating with the highest standard of training.

Look at Testimonials
Browse their website to see if they have reviews and make sure to look at their completed projects.

Ask about Materials
Quiz the contractor on the materials and make sure they are of high quality. Anything less will just enable damage in the future.

Discuss Subcontractors
Sometimes if the work is complex, companies may hire other contractors to speed up the job. Make sure to ask about this, and who would pay for it.

Keep in Contact
Make sure to have concrete contact details just in case you doubt the legality of the organisation, and can easily contact them with any queries.

Be Aware of Clearance
Ask about how the contractors are planning on dealing with the mess afterwards. The last thing you want after months of work is to have to clear up after them.